“I understand free-market capitalism is one of the most significant forces for good in the world, and I believe in the spirit of the American Dream, but we must fight to get our nation back on track. I support President Trump and his America First agenda, and I will work with him in Congress to get it done.”

Fuel the Economy

Howard will support regulatory reform, making the Trump tax cuts permanent, and moving toward a fairer, flatter tax code that benefits working Americans and businesses.

Control Federal Spending

Our national debt is out of control, and a Trillion-dollar deficit is not sustainable. Our families live on a budget, and so should our government.

Ensure National Security

The first step is securing our border and keeping our families safe. Howard will defend Hill Air Force Base and take care of our veterans.

Defend Utah Values

Howard will defend our religious freedom and 2nd Amendment. He will protect the right to life and our Utah Public Lands from the bureaucrats in Washington.

Drain the Swamp

Howard will remove the control lobbyists have in D.C., hold the bureaucrats accountable, and put in place term limits.

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